Basic software for each end user

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  • CH-50052015 - License fee, multi-user extension

    • Article no. CH-50052015
    • For one more network license (client). 
      The also needed NUMROTO multi-user server is automatically included, as soon as there are at least two network licenses (clients) at one location.
    • This option is a good idea if you have a number of NUMROTOplus workstations (machine or programming station) working with the same set of data. When using this option, you also must make sure that all integrated NUMROTOplus stations have the same version of the application.
    • The following multi-user operation data are stored in a central location:
      - Tool data
      - Wheel specifications
      - Machine data
      - Setting data
  • CH-50052550 - Data interface

    • Article no. CH-50052550
    • Tool and wheel data import and export.
    • Determination of compensation values possible. List of possible compensation values on demand.
    • A typical application is the connection of a measuring machine.
  • CH-50052310 - Wheel profile determination

    • Article no. CH-50052310
    • Wheel profile determination based on a given flute profile (DXF-format or text file with polygon points).
    • This option demands the packages cutters, drills or form cutters.
    • This option is machine independent and therefore, only necessary once per each location (plant).