The history of more than 50 years of NUM is briefly explained.

NUM AG's roots can be traced back to three companies:

Establishment of the Güttinger AG, Switzerland, developer of electronic systems.

Establishment of Servomac, Italy, developer of motors and servo drives.

Establishment of the NUM SA, France (as a subsidiary of Telemecanique), developer of CNC systems.

Güttinger AG is taken over by NUM SA. New company name in Switzerland: NUM Güttinger AG. In the following years, branch offices will be opened in the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

Telemecanique, the parent company of NUM SA, merges with Schneider-Electric conglomerate. NUM held a special position focusing on the CNC automation high-tech sector there. 

NUM SA takes over Servomac.

On February 1st, NUM and all of its global subsidiaries were taken over by an investor and the management and merged into the NUM Group. Simultaneously the headquarters were transferred from Paris to Teufen. Today, NUM operates 11 technology centers globally (NTC; NUM Technology Center), which focus on application development, sales and service. Also, NUM supports numerous agents and contact points.

Construction of the new logistics center at the location of the NUM headquarters in Teufen. With the solar panels on the roof of the new building produces 2/3 of the overall energy needed at the site in Teufen.

NUM is celebrating its 10 years of independence as NUM Group and looks confidently torwards the future.

Founding of the Shanghai subsidiary.

Founding of the India subsidiary.