Worldwide Customer Service

Thank you very much for scanning the QR-barcode on our identification label, and for your interest in NUM products.

It is our policy to support you during the entire product life cycle, internationally and across cultural and national borders. Your decision to choose a solution from NUM is a long-term investment.

Our worldwide service organization is available for you and your markets. Our international customer service department ensures smooth commissioning and system integration, as well as providing telephone support, on-site service, product development, and software updates. Our staff keeps up with latest product developments and maintains a large stock of material and components, so that we can always meet your requirements and delivery expectations.

  • Original NUM spare parts you can trust, fully tested with warranty
  • NUM motor repairs by the original manufacturer
  • Rapid 48 hour new motor build service
  • New parts, Re-manufactured parts, Repaired parts
  • Expert guidance to quickly bring your equipment back on-line   

Our local customer support department will gladly assist you in identifying the correct spare parts.

Find the customer service center assigned to your area:

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