• System

    NUMROTO offers several choices and options in order to supplement the overall programming system with special functions that are not directly linked with the family of tools.

    These supplementary options facilitate programming or provide additional options for special calculations and processes.

  • End Mills

    With the end mill module, classical end mills of cylindrical and tapered type can be created with the top shapes flat, ball nose, corner radius and corner radius end mill.
    There are appropriate add-on options available for end mills with multiple helices, rough profiles, wave cut etc.

  • Drills

    You can program a large variety of drills and step drills with the help of the drill module. There are a number of drill point shapes available that can be adapted individually.

    For step drills, normal step angles or even form steps, defined with a profile, are possible. Typically, the diameter for a step drill is always in increasing order.

  • Threading Tools

    Using the special add-on options you can create threading tools depending on the type either with the help of the drill module or the form cutter. There are numerous options available in order to be able to produce even very sophisticated threading tools.

  • Counter Boring Tools

    Classical counter boring tools can be programmed easily with the help of the drill module.

    Special options are available particularly for the design of the flutes.

  • Reamers

    Reamers can be created with the help of the end mill or drill module.

    NUMROTO supports tapered reamers and step reamers with any division arrangement and spiral angle specifications.

  • Form Cutters

    With the form cutter module, you can create all conceivable profile tools with or without a helix and with any profiles (rising or falling). Even front cutting profiles are possible, and, in addition, many different profiles and helical paths can be combined in a tool.

  • T-slot Cutters

    T-slot cutters can be programmed as form cutters or also as end mills for simple geometries.

    Even small diameters of T-slot cutters can be produced with NUMROTO.

  • Side and Face Milling Cutters

    Side and face milling cutters can be programmed with a staggered tooth system, and you can specify any profile of your choice. Side and face milling cutters are usually produced with the form cutter module.

  • Profile Inserts

    Profile inserts are essentially form cutters without a helix. In the process, however, particularly special clamping conditions are supported perfectly. The clamping position while grinding and when using the profile inserts, can be completely different in the process. In doing so, the necessary profile distortion can be calculated by NUMROTO.

    Even reversible inserts can be produced completely in this manner.

  • Turning Tools

    Turning tools are usually programmed as form cutters, whereby it is useful at times to use manual grinding paths.

    What is special is that the diameter of the turning part can be specified for the calculation of the profile distortion.

  • Burrs

    All classical forms of burrs are supported and, in addition, you can even specify arbitrary shapes with the help of a DXF profile.

    Group serration can be specified separately and it is also possible to grind chip breakers.

  • Medical Tools

    Several medical tools can also be produced with NUMROTO. 

    Depending on the shape, the end mill or drill module is used for this purpose.

  • Gearing Tools

    Different tools can be sharpened or even sometimes produced for the gearing industry. 

    Among others, this includes resharpening hobs and shaper cutters.

  • Special Tools

    Apart from the tool families already mentioned, NUMROTO supports the programming of practically all conceivable types and shapes of tools. 

    A few potential examples are listed in the following.

  • Cylindrical Grinding

    For several types of tools, also cylindrical grinding is supported, with which a blank can be pre-machined or the exact diameters, in combination with the function measurement in the process, can be ground cylindrically on the finished diameter.